Why Diamondsnyou

Why should you choose Diamonds N You?

  • Best price range - DiamondsnYou guarantees the best possible price to our valued customers. We do believe that price is a critical factor that customers have in their mind while purchasing loose diamonds. We compare our prices with that of our competitors and make sure that prices we offer are most competitive in the whole market. All our diamonds are hassle free and conflict free, since they are received by us directly from the legal manufacturer itself. We don’t have to follow the usual long journey of diamonds through various middlemen. That is why; most of our diamonds are aged few months only unlike other suppliers.
  • Huge collection and variety of loose diamonds - DiamondsnYou provides one-stop access to the world’s largest collection of diamond market. You can choose diamonds from various trendy colours and sizes. All our diamonds are of high quality and with appealing appearances.

Parcel of Diamonds -

The term Parcel means, when small diamonds are collectively used together to make a jewellery product or when they are sold to an individual buyer. The size of a diamond used for making diamond jewellery normally ranges from 0.01ct to 0.17ct. We provide direct access to all our customers to buy any type of diamonds from us. Most of our offered products are unique and normally are not available in the markets. With us, you can buy small diamonds so that you can approach your trusted jeweller to make diamond jewellery. You can also decide upon the quality and quantity you wish to have so that you don’t have to spend any extra. Selecting a diamond from us gives you the freedom to decide for the right kind of the diamond jewellery whereas the local jeweller offers you a limited variety of diamond jewellery and you have to choose from that only. After all, it’s you who should decide what to wear and not what the jeweller or the online retailers. You should have a choice to mix and match whatever you want since you are the real king here.

Loose Coloured Diamonds

Diamonds N You offers you variety of fancy colour diamonds – online in India .When the colour of a diamond is lower than Z then it is categorised as Fancy Coloured Diamond as per the Laboratory specifications. Prices of diamond also depend on the colour of a Diamond. Dark colour of a diamond denotes higher prices and lighter colour denotes lower prices. We provide you a direct access to a large inventory of fancy colour or coloured diamonds so that you can choose from a huge variety of Colour, Sizes and Shapes as per your likings. You have to choose a colour that will suit you the best. Only few jewellers sell fancy coloured diamonds and that too at high prices, since people are not really familiar with the prices of fancy colour diamonds. With us, you have the safeguard to choose from a huge variety of fancy colour diamonds offered at the most reasonable prices.

Certification of Trust - 

To establish a transparent and accurate specifications and quality assurance details of our diamond products, we arrange certification from one of the reputed and most trustworthy laboratories of the world i.e. the IGI, GIA or HRD. It is one of the most grilling tasks to get certification from these recognised laboratories and due to this, lot of other suppliers tends to give their own certificates to skip the standardisation process. We at DiamondsnYou assure you that all the diamonds offered by us are certified from any one of these laboratories only, so that you can have the best of diamonds of the world.

Secured payment modes - 

  • Credit Cards: AMEX, Visa, MasterCard
  • Debit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro
  • Net Banking
  • Cheque/ DD

Information Policy -

Our website DiamondsnYou provides accurate and trustworthy information to all of our viewers. We provide relevant details about our diamonds like its type, size, design and that the diamond is certified from which laboratory etc.

Return Policy -

In case if a customer is not satisfied with our product quality or it is found damaged or defective than same can be returned within 30 days of receiving the product.

Free of cost shipping - 

All of our products are shipped free of cost. Customer has to pay only for the price of the product ordered.

Free Insurance -

All our products that we shipped are insured till you received them at your place.

100% Conflict Free -

We buy diamonds only from the trustworthy and reputed suppliers similar to us, who follows the world class standards as set by the Kimberley Process. That is the reason that all of our jewellery products are legally certified being sourced from recognised production houses. We obey the Kimberley Process and other resolutions as prescribed by the United Nations, to ensure legitimacy in our sales and buying processes.

Experienced Consultants -

We have got with us an experienced team of consultants who can always help you buying just the right kind of diamonds.  Our consultant can accurately help you select the right kind of Diamonds that can be there with you, in a least possible time possible.