Tips for Buying Diamonds


What is a Solitaire?  

A single diamond with unique settings that completely changes the  appearance of the stone is known as Solitaire. Usually, a diamond solitaire is of large size where the stone may be set alone or accompanied by accent stones.  Solitaire also comes along with variety of gemstones display settings apart from the accent stones used with large diamonds. Apart from this, solitaire is also available as a single stone diamond such as wedding or engagement rings. Most popular uses of solitaire is making jewellery items like Necklaces, Brooches, Bracelets and Earrings etc.

Things to be remembered while buying a Solitaires

  • Always prefer the whitest coloured solitaires (G-H) since they are believed to be the beautiful and best of all other types of Solitaires.
  • Another important aspect of a Solitaire to look for is the cut of the diamond that has symmetry, with consistent cuts and bright shines.
  • Clear looks enhances the excellence of a diamond. A diamond should have no spots, scratches or marks as they are considered to be the bad or low qualities of a diamond.
  • Buy only certified or authentic solitaires from recognised laboratories such as GIA, IGI or HRD etc.
  • Diamonds lasts forever so it’s wise to invest in genuine and certified solitaire jewellery only. Always spare some time to verify the quality and certification of a diamond jewellery to have a long lasting product.

Coloured Diamonds

What are Coloured Diamonds?

Diamond colour range almost includes every colour of spectrum. But most of the diamonds gives yellow or brown shade. Basically, diamonds colour described as absence of any colour, which indicates the quality of diamonds and also the 4Cs of diamond clarity, diamond carat weight and diamond cut. In this part we will concentrate more on fancy colours diamonds. If brown and yellow diamonds exhibits more colour which is beyond Z grade within the D-Z colour scale are known as fancy colours. So we can say that Diamonds which are outside the range of D-Z scale are known as fancy colours.

Things to be remembered while buying Coloured Diamond

  • Prices of diamond also depend on the colour of a Diamond. Dark colour of a diamond denotes higher prices and lighter colour denotes lower prices.
  • While buying fancy colour diamonds, the most important factor is Colour more than cut and Clarity and also their grading requires specially trained and qualified graders who accurately grade them in specialised laboratories.
  • Only few jewellers sell fancy coloured diamonds and that too at high prices, since people are not really familiar with the prices of fancy colour diamonds. With us, you have the safeguard to choose from a huge variety of fancy colour diamonds offered at the most reasonable prices.



The term Parcel means, when small diamonds are collectively used together to make a jewellery product or when they are sold to an individual buyer. The size of a diamond used for making diamond jewellery normally ranges from 0.01ct to 0.17ct. We provide direct access to all our customers to buy any type of diamonds from us. Most of our offered products are unique and normally are not available in the markets. With us, you can buy small diamonds so that you can approach your trusted jeweller to make diamond jewellery. You can also decide upon the quality and quantity you wish to have so that you don’t have to spend any extra. Selecting a diamond from us gives you the freedom to decide for the right kind of the diamond jewellery whereas the local jeweller offers you a limited variety of diamond jewellery and you have to choose from that only. After all, it’s you who should decide what to wear and not what the jeweller or the online retailers. You should have a choice to mix and match whatever you want since you are the real king here.

Things to be remembered while buying Parcel of Diamonds

  • Parcel of Diamonds are generally not available with certification since certifying the small diamonds itself is more costly then the diamonds themselves. That is why most of the small diamonds are sold uncertified to reduce the pricing of the parcel of small diamonds. You can be provided with a blanket or collective certificate while purchasing bulk of small diamond parcel. You have to intimate us in case you need to have certification for every small diamond or a Blanket Certificate for the entire bulk of same diamonds in a parcel.
  • Parcel of diamonds is recommended especially if you are interested to have similar diamonds for a specific jewellery piece. You have to be sure with the measurement and specifications of the diamonds so that they go well with the desired jewellery to be designed. You can contact us in case of any doubt while placing an order for a diamond parcel.

Fluorescent Diamonds or UV Glow diamond

What is a UV Glow Diamond?

  • This type of diamond has a unique feature of glowing under ultra violet light which is mostly found in a night clubs, night spots etc.
  • Fluorescence is produced by trace minerals that are present in the diamond which gives them glow when they come in contact of UV lights. Different ultraviolet lamps are used in laboratories to test the fluorescence of a diamond. Also since the sun also emits ultraviolet rays therefore diamonds respond in sunlight as well. Approximately 1/3 of the diamonds has fluorescence effect and most of them fluoresce blue but they have fluorescence in other colours as well. While 95% of the diamonds fluoresce in the colour blue, the other common fluorescence colour is yellow. Colours other than blue and yellow are found rarely.
  • Diamonds under ultra violet light look like as below. The glow of diamond varies as per the   fluorescence value . Read more about diamond fluorescence here.

Why you should buy Diamonds with UV Glow?

  • As compared to diamonds which do not have florescence, the diamonds with florescence are less costly.
  • Some of the jewelers review sites or ecommerce sites describe florescence as a negative feature of the diamond. If a diamond has blue fluorescence it may look heavier in color as compared to its actual color, but in fact it’s a good feature. The reason that florescence was earlier considered to be negative since people use to think that color grade given to a diamond is lower than visible color of the diamond. So people have doubt that the amount paid for diamond is more as compare to its original value. The colors used to change and looked different because of the florescence effect. But if it was still able to reflect the true colors in spite of florescence, it was considered to be a worth of a diamond and to be more valuable than the original value.