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You are requested to read the terms and conditions prior to using this website. You must use the services or content only if you agree to the terms of using this website. If you are using our website it implies your consent towards Term and Conditions and Privacy Policy as incorporated through reference herein. These Terms of Use and terms of services as available on website or otherwise are legally binding to “Users” who access the website but do not perform any transaction on the website and including those “Members” as well who are registered and authorised to have business transactions on this Website. The Company, without giving any notice or without held for any liability caused to you or to any third party, reserves all rights to make change or terminate any or all part of the website or services as offered by the Company. It will be your responsibility to stay updated about the Terms of Use as available on the website as it can be reviewed and modified on regular basis. These Terms of Use by no means confers any rights in respect of the third party beneficiaries. It may be noted that you can observe slight changes in terms of how some items may appear or in terms of sizes as displayed. These differences can be observed due to different styles of photography and screen sizes used for display media. Size of an item can be reduced or enlarged to depict detailing or design of the same.

Terms & Conditions for using this website

Voluntary use of this website implied that you are warranting and representing the following –

1. That your age is 18 or above and you are using this website and its services not in violation of any Indian laws as applicable.

2. Registration details provided by you are true and correct and accuracy of same is maintained by you.

3. You will use your membership only for personal and not for any commercial purpose. It is restricted to use this website or any of its contents except for the personal usage.

4. Following restrictions would be applied to the personal and non-commercial usage of this website

(i) You are not allowed to make modifications in the contents as posted on the website.

(ii) You should not make any changes in the contents of the website.

(iii) You should not remove proprietary marks of the company from its contents such as trademarks, copyrights or any other notices belonging to the company. You must not make use of the website in a way which is harmful for the website and for the content available on the website.

5. You are not allowed to

(i) Commercially use any product and service as listed on the website, or

(ii) Advertising or selling any product and service for profit or non profit basis, or

(iii) Soliciting others to make donations or contributions, or

(iv) Using the website or services in harmful and illegal ways that affects DiamondsnYou.com or any entity associated with DiamondsnYou.com. You can contact us regarding advertisement of your products and services at +91 8652625511

6. You should not upload or submit any computer software or program containing virus or malwares etc., that can damage or hack the website or any computer systems connected with the website network, or interferes with the privacy or steals any private information of any personal / entity associated with DiamondsnYou.com

7. You should also not indulge in any illegal online activities such as Phishing, Spamming, Flooding, Flaming and Trolling etc., to gain unauthorised access or spreading unwanted information regarding the website or its contents.

8. You should not modify or delete any of the content as available on website, including but not limited to, the copyright and trademark information, logos and pictures, disclaimers, legal notices and other official notices of the DiamondsnYou.com, ownership of which doesn’t belongs to you.

9. DiamondsnYou.com shall not be held responsible for any loss caused to any user due to lack of compliance of any term and condition by any other user.

10. Entire information and material as provided there at the website DiamondsnYou.com is a copyrighted content. Any unauthorised use of any trademark, logo, name and content of the website DiamondsnYou.com is restricted and must not be copied or reproduced in any other way without the written consent of DiamondsnYou.com

11. By clicking on any external link as available on the website DiamondsnYou.com, you will be totally bound by the terms and condition of that third-party website only. DiamondsnYou.com will not be held responsible for any harm or loss caused to the user for any third-party website link available on the website DiamondsnYou.com

The following information is implied and expressed to have been understood and agreed upon by you –

1. That entire information and content available / or services mentioned on the website DiamondsnYou.com is “AS IT IS” basis only. DiamondsnYou.com and all its associates or employees disclaim warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not restricted to), merchantability warranties, fitness or non-infringement warranties etc.

2. That DiamondsnYou.com takes reasonable care and accuracy for displaying products and services on sale at website. However, DiamondsnYou.com cannot assure that information displayed to you regarding the design, colour and prices etc., will be 100% accurate. In case DiamondsnYou.com founds that any details were displayed incorrectly then DiamondsnYou.com reserves the right to reject the sale of that particular item.

3. Further DiamondsnYou.com does not give any warranty about uninterrupted, virus free or error free availability of the content and services on its website.

4. User will themselves be responsible for any loss or damage caused to them due to any program /material downloaded from the DiamondsnYou.com website. It is strongly recommended that you should scan for virus or malwares for any component or file or content displayed or downloaded from the DiamondsnYou.com website.

That you would be liable to indemnify or defend for any liability or loss arising out of your use of the DiamondsnYou.com website and towards any present or past associates of DiamondsnYou.com or its employees. That you also express to have understood that in any circumstances, including but not restricted to, ignorance or negligence, the company shall not be responsible to you or any other third person/ organisation, for any sort of losses incurred due to the following or otherwise –

(1) Usage or unable to use the website, or

(2) Cost of any substitute product associated with buying of any goods or services through any communication received from or on behalf of the company, or

(3) Unauthorised use of your data or transmissions, or

(4) Any act or information of the third party as available on the DiamondsnYou.com website, or

(5) Any other issue relating to the use of the website or services as available on the website.

That DiamondsnYou.Com and any their associates and service providers, dealing with the sales and distribution of the products and services will not be held liable in case of failure of delivery of the performance, due to direct or indirect act of force majeure or issues beyond the control of the company, acts of God, technical or electronic failures, war, labour strikes or disputes, tribunals of foreign courts, natural disasters, third party non performance, etc. Additionally, you also expressly agreed that the company or its associates won’t be responsible for

(1) Any technical issues of the website due to hardware or software failures.

(2) Any failures or delays caused while transacting on DiamondsnYou.Com website.

That some jurisdictions may not permit exclusions of some of the warranties, limitations or consequential damages caused.

That each provision, paragraph, clause and sub-clause of these terms and conditions should deemed to be severable from one another and if due to any reason they are found to be unenforceable or invalid, such unenforceability or invalidity would not prejudice or any way affect the enforceability or validity of the rest, to be read and construed to give full effect thereof, while excluding any contradictions to the existing provisions of the law, to be a valid term of use, for remaining, to the full extent which is not in contradiction to any provision of law, as the case may be.

That, whosoever using the website / services of DiamondsnYou.Com are themselves responsible to comply with the applicable laws, including the local laws of the land. Further, these terms of use are governed by the Indian Laws and any legal proceeding arising out of the matter relating to these terms or usage of this website; shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court.

In an event of breach of any / all of the terms and conditions by the user, the user would be liable to instantly indemnify DiamondsnYou.Com for damages and losses caused due to such breach of terms. Further, you agree that in an event of breach of any / all terms and conditions, where there is insufficient remedy available in monetary terms, DiamondsnYou.Com shall have the authority to immediately request for Injunction against such breach, from any of the court having the competent jurisdiction. It is to be noted that DiamondsnYou.Com shall have the right to obtain alternative remedies in addition to obtaining such relief as above, as the case maybe.

That in the event of any failure on part of DiamondsnYou.Com, to enforce or exercise any provision or right of these terms of use, it shall not deemed to be a waiver of such provision or right by anyone.

That I have completely read the terms and conditions as mentioned above and have agreed to abide by each of the above stated provision.