Synthetic Diamond vs. Real Diamond

Real diamonds

Real diamonds or Natural diamonds are made from pure carbon which is found deep under the Earth’s surface i.e. approximately 100 miles. Diamond formation started more than millions years ago inside the molten rock of earth’s mantle since desired amount of pressure and heat is available over there. Afterwards, the diamonds are taken to surface of the earth carried through lava, and then diamonds are mined and converted into valuable stones which are used to make different types of diamond jewellery.

Synthetic diamonds

The makers of synthetic diamond use two methods to make synthetic diamonds, which are as follows:-

  1. High Pressure, High Temperature or HPHT -

    This technique is quite similar to the natural process of diamond formation which is found naturally under the earth’s surface. In HPHT the purest form of carbon and graphite is used under strong heat and pressure.

    Small parts of metal are used in HPHT machines to compress graphite because of the powerful pulse of electricity. This whole procedure takes some days to give gem-quality diamond, but these kinds of synthetic diamonds are not the purest form of diamonds like the natural diamonds as some metallic solution is used to make the synthetic diamond which can mix up with graphite.

  2. Chemical Vapour Deposition -

    This is the second technique used to make the synthetic diamonds. As compare to diamonds which we discover from nature, the diamonds which are produced from this method are more perfect and impeccable. This process includes placing diamonds in a depressurising chamber and then it is treated under a microwave beam with natural gas. When the temperature of natural gas reaches 2,000 degrees, the carbon particles then starts falling in large quantities and get sticks with the diamonds. By using this procedure, a manufacturer of synthetic diamonds can have a sheet of diamond rapidly.

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