Return & Exchange Policy

30-Day cash back Guaranteed

Diamond N offers you a 30-day cash back policy, under which a 30 days’ time period is given to the customer to check out and to be confirmed that the product purchased is perfect or not. In case you find out that the product received is not according to your choice or you are not convinced with the product, then you can return the product within the given time period of 30 days. We will be happy to exchange your product or refund your money.
Please note that you that you’ll be able to return your diamonds, only if it is in original purchase condition along with returning all the product documents within the period of 30 days it should be shipped back.


Customer care services

If you want to return us any product then you can contact us at our email id for customer service Your all queries regarding any product will be entertained or you can call us at +91 8652625511. Our well experienced team will help you in resolving your return / exchange issues.


Life time Exchange policy

You can also exchange your diamonds after the time period of 30 days. We offer our customer life time exchange policy which means if at any point of time you feel like exchanging your diamonds then we will provide these services will consider the current market value of diamonds.
Exchange of a product will depend on the value provided by Diamonds N You. Any product which is found to be tampered will not be allowed to exchange. In this regard, decisions given by Diamonds N You shall stand conclusive and obligatory. In case when certificate is not available with the seller, Diamonds N You shall recertify those uncertified diamonds to get the exact value of such diamonds. Such cost of recertification and shipping charges will have to be borne by the member.

Terms and conditions applied to the return and exchange policies are as follows

  • When you return your diamonds, our department of quality assurance will examine the diamond and if they find out that diamond returned is damaged or its not the one supplied by us that item will not be accepted for return / refund.
  • If your products are eligible for return/refund within the period of 30 days than shipping charges will be free for you. But shipping charge on other return/exchange will be charged from you.
  • All the original product certificate and original/copy of invoice should be attached and send back with the item in all cases of return/exchange/refund within the period of 30 days. Invoice submission will not be compulsory for all exchange after 30 day exchange period.
  • If customer is not able to submit the original certificate, diamonds will be sent to lab for recertification. The cost of certification and shipping shall be borne by the customer.
  • Our team at will determine the return amount. If any coupon, discount or promo codes are used while purchasing the item, that amount returned will be deducted with amount of these coupons, discount or promo codes.
  • In money back case, after receiving receipt of product with original certificate, invoice, and quality confirmation, the payment is made through the account payee cheque within the period of 15 days.
  • Right to return/ exchange will be given after confirming the quality.
  • In case of you wish to exchange your diamonds then before dispatch of the old diamonds, the customer will have to make payment of the amount of difference between the value of new product chosen and the old product.

In case of returns of the order all costs related to reshipment and handling will be chargeable to the member. Following are the terms and conditions as applicable in case of returning a package.
It is the duty of the member to return back in same conditions the original labels, certificates, security tags etc. as received from the Please ensure the following while returning the order -

  • Any item shall not be accepted as a return which shows signs of wear – tear, engraving or being damaged in any other way.
  • All reshipping and handling charges are to be borne by the member.
  • All return request has to be made within Thirty days from the delivery date. Return requests made after thirty days will not be accepted.
  • Once the request to return order is received at the helpdesk, a return packing material will be send by which must be used to send back the package. It has to be ensured that packing is done in presence of the courier person only.


Processing of Refunds

In case when the diamond ordered becomes non-available and also the client is not interested to buy alternate diamonds then a refund should be processed by as in the following ways-

Credit card refunds – will refund back the money back in the credit card of the member as was used in making the purchase transaction. Generally, the time taken to complete the refund back in the credit card depends on the time frames given by the card issuer bank.

Cheque or wire transfer refunds – will try to refund back the money into the same bank as used during the transaction, within seven days of receiving refund request from the member.

Cash or demand draft refunds – In case if the member has maid cash payment or paid through demand draft then refunds will be made by through demand draft and within ten days of receipt of payments with

Shipping Policy

Free shipping 

Under shipping policy, each item you order will be free from shipping charges within India which would also be fully insured till the product reaches your doorsteps. You don’t have to bear the burden of additional shipping charges. We request all our customers to examine the package properly when you receive the shipment and before signing the delivery acknowledgment receipt. All order will be shipped within 7 to 15 days. 

All orders  will be shipped and delivered free via one of the following shipping services.

  • Blue Dart
  • Sequel


Product you have ordered will be delivered at your doorstep in exclusive box along with the important certificates etc. All products are dispatched in durable packaging material which is also tamper proof.Please check the seal before signing receipt.

Transit Insurance shall provide the transit insurance which covers any loss or damage caused to the diamonds during shipment. This insurance cover remains valid till the package is received by you.


Payment Options supports both payment mode i.e. online and offline.

Online payment mode

Diamonds N You uses highly relaible and secure Payment Gateway. 

  • Credit Card: All Visa, Master and American Express Credit Cards are accepted
  • Debit Card: All Visa and Maestro Debit Cards are accepted
  • Online Fund Transfer: You can choose from all major banks in India to transfer money
Offline payment mode
  • Cheque,
  • Cash deposit

Those customers who are making offline payment should contact on +91 8652625511 to confirm about payments made by them.


Order Processing


Before starting any transaction or making purchase on the website, any user has to get them register and become the regular Member of the website. While registering as Member, the user is required to select a username and password and submit their personal information which is defined in the Privacy Policy document. Registration as Member is a onetime process only and existing members can access the website by Login or Sign-in to their account with username and password selected earlier. Other information which needs to be provided (but not limited to) includes your contact phone number, communication address, email address and combination of any question / answer which can be used for verification in case you forgot your username, password etc.

Select Diamonds

When you wish to buy any item listed on the website then you can

  • Select the diamond(s) and add them to the shopping cart

Rights to make online purchases are available with our registered members only. You can get yourself registered even once the item is selected and added to the shopping cart. Before making purchase, you can be asked to provide any document as held mandatory to be provided under the law, e.g. PAN Card details etc.

Once the payment is received by an order is considered to be completed at our end. On occasional basis, we randomly call our customers who have made online purchases and confirm their verification questions. In this case, orders are confirmed only when the member gives correct answer to the verification question.

In case if payments by the member’s bank are rejected for a particular order then reserves the right to cancel out the shipping of the concerned order without incurring any liability for non delivery of the order.

Payment Processing provides the following payment options to its members interested for buying any products on the website.

Online Payment Options: Any credit can be used by the members to make their online payments.

Offline Payment Options: Once an order is completed, the members have the option to pay the Company using the offline payment options. They have to contact at helpline number +91 8652625511 and provide details about the offline payment option to be used. 

Please note that the order for diamond(s)  would be confirmed once payments are received in account of In any case, if product ordered is not available after making the payment and the member also not interested in selecting any alternate product then the money received shall be refunded back to the member as per Terms and Conditions.

Dispatch of Orders

Shipping details about the address and person to be contacted at the time of delivery of order are collected at the time of placing the order. The Member has to submit the complete name and address of the person where product is to be delivered. These details are verified at the time of delivery to establish identity of the recipient on the basis of any of the following documentary proof –

  • Valid Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Voter Card
  • Passport

Please note that delivery should be made once the picture and name identity of the recipient is proved by showing any of the above documents. For records purpose, the delivery person can also take down certain details from the identity proof document shown. It is thus requested that the recipient should take facilitate the delivery person by showing or providing the valid copy of the identity documents.

Once the order is processed no changes in the addressee details are permitted under any circumstances. Also, the dispatch address can be changed till the order is actually dispatched. 

The member shall bear all the shipping charges or any other local charges as associated with delivery of the order at member’s or recipient’s place. It is strongly recommended not to accept any order where the packet is found opened or tampered. Delivery receipt must be signed only after opening the package and checking the contents of the packet.

In case, the recipient of the packet is not available at the time of delivery, the delivery of the package will be attempted thrice by the courier company before returning the package back to In case of return of the package, entire reshipment cost and handling charges would be chargeable to member the only.

The guarantee of delivery of the package is subject to the terms and conditions of the courier company itself. Any wrong information provided in terms of name and address of the recipient would result in non delivery of the package.


Buying as Gift for someone

In case the member buy the products for gifting purpose and wishes someone to physically collect the package then the recipient has to provide any of the government approved photo identity card like Driving License, Passport, and Voter Card etc. Further, it’s a mandatory shipping guideline that the package should display the value of the content of the package. Thus all taxes as applicable like Gift Tax etc. shall be paid by the member themselves.


In-Stock availability of a Product

Please not that it is possible that might not own the diamond or any other product as shown at the website. In that case, procures those items from other third party vendors and traders, once order is confirmed by the member and same is then delivered to the members. In this case, it is possible that the items as ordered by the member are already traded and this information was not instantly available at the website.

In case the diamond ordered by you with a particular certificate number is not available , we will arrange for the diamonds with same specification, however the certification number will be different.

In case when any diamond(s) gets already traded and before the payments are made for the order, then will contact the member suggesting about the alternative diamond available in place. When new and alternate diamond is selected by the Member, will confirm the new order placed. It is to be noted here that the member has to pay the difference of any amount in case new diamond(s) selected have more price than the earlier ones. In case, new diamond(s) selected have lesser price than the earlier ones, will refund back the extra money back to the member according to the provisions of the Terms of Use.


Prices of the Products

The prices of diamond can be determined on the basis of different parameters like categories of diamond, brand value and seller reputation etc. Further, prices can also fluctuate on the basis of demand and supply factors i.e. high demand - more prices and low demand – lesser prices. Due to these factors, the website prices can be marginally high or low than the actual market prices.

It must be noted that prices made available on the website must be referred to as the general guidelines in terms of the diamond prices. Utmost care is taken while providing true value of the diamonds on website, but this information should not be taken as the guaranteed value or the appraisal value. Further, no recommendations or suggestions are provided as to buying or selling of the diamonds products. Pricing and Grading are based on the subjective methods thus no guarantee or liability can be undertaken in terms of correctness or validity of the details provided by the service or by the experts. Due to possibility of incorrect data being displayed on the website due to any human or system issues, will not accept any orders based on errors or incorrect prices and reserves full rights to correct such pricing errors being on the website display. Further, reserves the right to make changes in the prices as mentioned on the website and without any notice. Prices of the diamonds and other jewellery products are fixed and cannot be further negotiated. Regarding any order, the final prices would be the current prices of the day when the order was made and completed. In case of any query at your end, please feel free to contact us at our helpline number +91 8652625511.



  • Diamonds N You do not display cut for the shapes other than round. GIA , IGI and  HRD do not  include cut in their Diamond Grading Report for fancy shapes.
  • Individual certificates are provided in case of Loose Diamonds. This certification is done by Third Party Laboratories and details are provided at the time of buying Diamonds.
  • In rare instances , it may occur that the certificate describing your ordered diamond may vary  Please check al four c’s of diamonds in  the certificate prior to placing an order.
  • For Solitaires and Coloured Diamonds , please check certificate for detailed measurement.


Parcel Purchases

Parcel purchases of the diamonds are not certified and in case the customer wish to have them certified, they have to bear the certification charges as applicable based on the market prices. Details about parcel certification charges are available on the Parcel Page.Diamonds N You sells only Round shaped diamonds in Parcel. In the case where you want to buy Parcel of diamonds shaped other than Round , Please contact us on +918652625511 . The prices may vary accordingly . Cumulative carat weight of parcel may vary +0.02 to -0.02 carat as diamonds in parcel may vary in weight by +0.01 to -0.01 carat.

In the case where you need certification for the parcel of diamonds, we recommend you to contact us on +918652625511


Using Promo Codes

  • reserves the right to ask for source of promo code from the member.
  • Expired promo codes are not allowed to be used on website.
  • reserves the right to reject application of any promo code at any stage.
  • Promo codes are applicable only on select items, select orders and on select dates as per the discretion of
  • In case of offline payments, promo codes are accepted only till the expiry date of the promo code.
  • Discount will not be given when payment is received or credited after the promo code expiry date


Conflict free trading policy

Diamonds N You understands the concerns of conflict diamonds which are sourced through illegal mining and trading. No dealings with suppliers or clients are entertained who would like to trade in conflict diamonds or wish to have dealings in violation of Kimberly Process or any other UN resolution.