How Diamonds are being Shaped?

How rough diamonds are shaped?

Diamond is one of the toughest and hardest metals ever known to humans and due to same, it is not that easy for jewellers to give them different and stunning shapes. That’s why to cut a diamond you need other diamond. Cutting a diamond and giving it a precious shape is a specialised process that includes various other steps. That’s why making attractive diamond jewellery items like rings and necklace is not an overnight task.

Firstly, Manufacturers estimates the potential of a rough diamond, which is fresh and directly mined from the earth’s surface.  Earlier diamonds were checked through bare eyes only, but with the introduction of modern techniques such as scanner, which is used to make a 3D computer model of a rough diamond, most of the process is now automated. After that, the manufacturer makes a decision about the cut and shape of a diamond.

The next process is sawing or cleaving, in which the diamond is put in cement or wax to give a particular shape and then a sharp narrow cut is made into the tetrahedral plane which is also called the weakest point. A razor-sharp knock with a hammer cleaves the diamond into small parts. Since the diamonds are very hard and easily breakable they are divided cleanly.

The other way to cut a diamond is with Laser or a Diamond Saw, which is a bit time consuming method. While sawing, the cutter will make a decision that which section of a diamond will be table or the flatter face of the gem and which section will be girdle (the outer area). When the diamond is sized according to the required dimension, the surface of the stone gets flattened against another diamond, this is done by hand which is called bruiting or by machine which is called cutting.

As the complicated work of cutting the surface of stone is finished, diamonds are then polished on a wheel which is called a Scaif. Further, the Scaif is greased with paste of olive oil and diamond dust that soften the left behind rough parts of the diamond. Once the cutter is satisfied with this, the diamond is then boiled in sulphuric and hydrochloric acids to get rid of oil and dust if any. The precious stone is all set to be shaped into an attractive jewellery i.e. neck lace, ring, earrings or any other kind of jewellery.