Four C's of Diamond Cut


  • Cut is one of the most influential character for the beauty of the diamond.
  • The sparkle that we normally think of is determined by the cut.

A diamond's cut grade is an objective measure of a performance of light in a diamond or, the sparkle that we generally think of. When a diamond is cut with proper proportions, light is emitted out of the top of the diamond, which gemmologists refer to as the table. If the cut is too shallow then light leaks out of the bottom and if it is too deep then it escapes out of the side.


A poorly cut diamond can result in seepage of light from the sides and its bottom, and can restrict the amount of light entering the diamond. It therefore implicates that the diamonds with Poor cuts can cause the diamond to appear dark and dull, despite of its colour and clarity grades. Cut is therefore one of the most influential character for the beauty of the diamond.

Cut Grades

Ideal/ Excellent – Excellent light performance. It reflects almost all of the light that enters the diamond. These are rare and exceptionally beautiful cuts.

Very Good – Very good light performance. It also reflects almost all of the light that enters the diamond. Very Good diamond cuts are considered as high value diamonds.

Good – Good light performance. It reflects most of the light that enters the diamond. Good diamond cuts are far less expensive than Very Good and Excellent Cut .

Fair – These diamonds are not as dazzling as a Good cuts or above however Fair diamond cuts are still considered as good quality diamonds.

Poor – Poor cut diamonds are the ones that are cut too shallow or too deep which causes most of the light to leak out of the side and base of the diamond.

Note :To a naked eye, all of the above cuts does not make a remarkable difference as diamonds by nature are shiny, sparkling and have a attractive gleam.

Which Cut Grade Should I Buy?

  • A fine cut diamond inspite of having a slightly lower colour (G-H) or clarity (SI1-SI2) can still appear quite stunning, due to its better ability to create sparkle and brilliance.
  • Considering a budgetary option for many who are primarily concerned with size, a diamond of Fair - Good cut can be a suitable choice. While the diamond will lack the sparkle and brilliance of a well cut diamond, one can lavishly increase the size in the same budget.
  • We recommend not preferring Poor cut diamonds, even if size is the main factor concern as these diamonds are considered unacceptable trade off, despite the lower price. These are hardly available these days due to advance technology and knowhow in manufacturing of diamonds.
  • A deeply cut diamond has more of its carat weight "hidden" in the depth of the diamond as opposed to the width and so these poorly cut diamonds are cheaper per carat. At a jewellery store, a customer might purchase a 1.00 carat diamond that actually looks like a .90 carat diamond because it is too deeply cut.