Four C's of Diamond Carat


  • Carat is particularly a measure of weight of a diamond, and by itself may not precisely reflect the size of a diamond.
  • We have a propensity to assess diamond size by viewing it from the top because that is how diamonds are presented to us when set into a ring or jewellery.
  • To comprehend the size of a diamond, carat weight has to be considered in combination with two other element:

- Distance in millimetres across the top of the diamond.

- Diamond's cut grade

The cut grade of a diamond is to be considered because, when a diamond is sliced with the proper proportions, the maximum amount of light (or sparkle) is returned from the top of the diamond. Thus, when a diamond is well cut, the light which is reflected out of the top of the diamond makes it appear larger. And sometimes, much of the weight is in the base of the diamond which is poorly cut, which makes the diamond look smaller than its carat weight would entail.

It is hence possible to have a diamond with a lower carat weight, but a high cut grade, that would look larger than a diamond with a larger carat weight, but a poor cut.

You therefore need to select your, cut, colour and clarity, and it gets easy to decide the carat weight of your diamond that will fit within your finances.

Diamond Carat Size Chart

The link below is the list that shows how diamonds of various carat weights and shapes will appear when viewed from the top down.

Your diamond may differ from the images shown below in length/width ratio, table, and depth This is just a Pictorial representation and actual sizes and their diameters may vary in range of -0.05 to +0.05 mm

Click here for carat size chart (you need acrobat reader to view this file)

What Carat Weight Is Right For Me?

  • For choosing the best carat weight of your diamond, you need to plan your budget and consider the size of your finger and size of the setting.

    For Example, if you wish to buy a diamond with a larger carat weight but which would fit in your budget, you may look for a diamond in SI1-SI2 grade and in lower colour like an I or a J similalry you can also check in further lower colours like K,L,M and if required, you can also check little bit lower calrity I1.

  • Diamond prices fluctuate at the full- and half-carat weights. Diamonds just below these weights can have a significant price reduction and as we know that the carat weight is distributed across the entirety of the diamond, small size differences are nearly impossible to detect.
  • Just remember that the diamond shall appear larger on a smaller finger and so as an example, a 2-carat diamond solitaire ring will look larger on a size 6 finger than a size 10 finger.
  • All settings may not fit on all the carats or shapes of a diamond.