Diamond Care

How to take care of your Diamonds

You should keep in mind that the diamonds you own needs proper care and maintenance, so that they never lose their lustre and always keeps on glowing and shinning. So all you need is to include certain habits in your routine that can keep your diamonds, clean and brand new forever.

Diamonds needs regular cleaning –

No doubt Diamonds are one of the hardest substances but the moment they are set out in the metal, they tends to lose their brightness and shine because of the regular exposure and usage. So that’s why regular cleaning of diamonds is quite necessary. You can follow the followings for better results -

Clean your jewellery with a soft cloth so that the surface of the diamond remains safe from dirt and oil grabbed from your fingers. It can make change in the original looks or even reduce the shine of your diamonds.

Soaking and cleaning should be done frequently if you wear your diamond jewellery on regular basis. First, soak your jewellery for the whole night in warm water with mild detergent with a little amount of ammonia. Clean it next day during the morning and give extra attention to the rear side of the diamond jewellery as it has the maximum amount of dirt and oil collections. With this, you can keep the brightness of your diamond jewellery intact for a long time.

Use a small and soft bristles brush which can be much helpful in removing oil and dust from diamonds. Any old toothbrush, eyebrow brush or even lipstick brush can be used since they have reach to even those parts of diamonds which are otherwise difficult to clean with a regular piece of cloth. Take extra care, while you clean diamond with these brushes as you can harm it just by scratching hard.

It is suggested that you should use the special jewellery cleaning liquid which is readily available with all Jewellers. Harmful chemicals like ammonia, household cleaner, strong detergents can harm or change the colour and shine of diamonds.

Using steam or ultra sonic is a professional cleaning method of diamonds mostly used by Jewellers. They carefully check the settings of diamonds so that it doesn’t get loose and come out of the metal.

Things to be taken care while using diamond jewellery –

Though, Diamonds are quite hard gems but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of them. Diamonds can fall out, get scratched, lose shine or get damaged too badly to be repaired, if proper care and attention is not given while using them. So, below are some of the activities that you should avoid -

You should not wear your diamond jewellery at the time of swimming or while washing utensils or cloths, because presence of chemicals in water can damage the metal.

While applying creams or oils, diamonds jewellery should not be used because oils can settle down on the diamond stone which further leads to dullness or loosening the settings, holding diamond.

Best ways to store diamond jewellery

Separate storage should be used while storing diamond jewellery. You should use a box or a case which has proper separations or partitions so that your jewellery does not scratch each other or damage your other jewellery. Always use a soft cover like tissue paper or cotton, if you are storing it in a box which does not have separate lines or dividers.