Conflict free Diamonds

Conflict-Free Diamond Policy

DiamondnYou working on parallel lines with the Global Diamond Industry is committed to have a 100% strict trade policy in terms of “Conflict Diamonds” so that dealing from any illegal means doesn’t take place. We adhere to several quality tests such as Kimberley Process and through the help of industry tie-ups with the International bodies such as UN, Governmental and Non Governmental organisations, we aims at removing any possibility of illegal trade practices involved in the process of diamond exports and imports.
We buy diamonds only from the trustworthy and reputed suppliers similar to us, who follows the world class standards as set by the Kimberley Process laws. In case any of our suppliers is found to be following illegal ways of trading diamonds, all our dealings are instantly terminated that moment only. These stringent controls make our Diamonds range certified to be conflict free. DiamondsnYou upholds a legal and ethical trading spirit across the globe.

Kimberley Process explained

It is an International Standardisation Process of certifying diamonds that also assures that diamonds are conflict free as well. This process is open to the diamond traders of the world who believes in legal trading of the diamonds. The US, in 2003 passed the resolution to establish set of rules to maintain a legal merchandising of diamonds.