What is a Certificate?

A certificate of diamond is also known as diamond quality document, diamond dossier or diamond grading report which is prepared by Gemmologists. This trained team examine the various aspects of diamond by using various instruments such as jeweller loupe, microscopic instruments and other measuring tools. A certificate provides various details about diamond like measurements, finish, polish, symmetry, colour and other related features of diamonds. Round shaped diamonds certificates also mentions the cut grade details in the report. Certificates are the evidence of diamonds true value and uniqueness.

All diamonds have different feature that make them unique based on cut shape, carat weight, colour or finish. The looks and quality of diamonds depends upon these features and also determine the price of that diamonds.

Diamond Grading Report -

It provides the different factors about the diamonds quality. Independent laboratories i.e. GIA / HRD / IGI and AGS are some of the well reputed labs of the world where experts examine and investigate the measure and quality of diamonds using various instrument i.e. jeweller loupe, microscopic instrument and other evaluation tools. After assessing each of the diamond, the lab then provides a report which is also called “Certificate” of evaluation.

What certified diamond means?

A diamond is said to be certified when the grading report from recognised Gem Lab is provided with the diamond. This report guarantees the customers about the qualities mentioned in the report are possessed by diamonds. When you buy certified diamonds you not only get beautiful diamonds but you also get to know about its lineage and origin. You get the legal guarantee about the nature and quality of the diamonds you are buying.

Diamonds which are not certified do not have diamond grading report with it, which means you have to trust the words of the seller. But that does not mean that the diamond quality will be poor as it can be as attractive as a certified diamond and comparatively economical as well.

Well known labs which provide certification to gemstones and diamonds are as below -

  • Gemmological institute of America (GIA): GIA came into existence in 1931 as a non-profit organisation having their headquarters in Carlsbad, California. At present, GIA is having a worldwide presence and are known to be the most trusted diamond evaluators and graders.
  • HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant):- founded in Antwerp, it issues certification to diamonds which are widely recognized and authentic, met all the international standard
  • International Gemmological Institute (IGI): - IGI is another trusted name in diamond and gemstones grading having their processing units at their headquarters located in New York and various other parts of the U.S.
  • European Gemmological Laboratory USA (EGL-US):-  EGL-US is independently owned, started in 1986 and located in New York.
  • American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL):- AGSL came in existence during the year 1978, it is located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Diamonds which are certified from the above mentioned labs are more valuable in diamond industry.

Why you must purchase certified diamonds?

  • When you are buying a certified diamonds, you have full information about the selected diamond. Certification also helps in making comparison, regarding weight, size, quality of different diamonds and then you can decide which diamond is more valuable.
  • In case of uncertified diamonds the assessment procedures or judgement of jewellers can vary. Different jewellers will have different point of view regarding the quality of diamond.
  • Diamond grading report gives you higher level of satisfaction and confidence regarding your purchase of diamond. As the diamond you have purchased is verified from recognized labs which confirm that your diamond meets all the quality standards and the diamond is of the same quality for which you are paying.
  • In case of certified diamond, to figure out the insurance or replacement value, expert panel of evaluators consider the details of quality mentioned in the certificate, in case your diamond is not certified, there is possibility that evaluator undervalue your diamond as compare to the jeweller who has sold it you at much higher price.